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Angels of New York

Angels New York - Angels Flatiron

Walking through the streets I always find them.

Little angels, tidbits of life, art, love.

Tucked into the grid.

This other-worldly collage reminded me of what New York once was—a vibrant city of artists and free thinkers, before the homeless got shipped off to never never land, and 42st lost its grit. And although we have become plasticified, crushed, and segmented into the new New York of the ultra-rich and entitled, I still find these angels. They come to me when I am not looking, pop up on a sidewalk or inside a subway station.

These gems that let me know the cowboys have survived and are still being crowned by the artists that live among us.

Sleep: The Elusive Elixer

Sleep Elusive Elixir - Acupuncture Flatiron NYC

It’s like a cool September breeze on a hot New York City night.

It comes and goes for some of us. Others sleep like a log; on planes, in trains, on floors, in taxis. Those are the people I marvel at. How is it possible to knock-out on a Boeing 747, but they do it and land awake and refreshed. I drag my crinkled self off the plane and head for bed.

Although I am a morning person, staying up till the wee hours is fun.

That second jolt I get after midnight is so enticing. Things kick-in and I can read, and write, and create all sorts of life. The problem is that going against the clock in Chinese medicine is a big no-no. Up with the sun, down with the sun. And I’ve tested it all. Tried all the ways to beat the clock, but have learned my lesson and come full circle. Going to bed a generous time before midnight, so that I am in deep sleep by 1AM is the ticket. 1- 3AM is the witching hour in Chinese medicine. The hour the Liver energy is at its peak and doing all its hullahbaloo; detoxing, regenerating, and helping things flow. The Liver is in charge of the free flow of Qi in the body. It is in essence, bringing us in touch with the basis of life…

Going with the flow.

Yesterday we entered Fall. Things fall, like leaves, hair, and old clothes. How many of us have cleaned our closets this month? How many of us have let old things go, to prepare for the winter ahead. Stocked with fresh new energy from the summer we are unconsciously, or in some cases consciously, preparing for hibernation. Many of my patients complain of the blues at this time of year, but I see it as a letting go of that excess summer energy, and moving into the soft, quiet, and calm of rest. We can rejuvenate now, reorganize our thoughts that were hijacked by the joy and excitement of summer, and look within. So perhaps it feels like a dip, but perhaps it’s just a change of season.

A little space for winter.

That sounds much more breathable than labeling it “seasonal affective disorder.” We took human form to feel it all, so I’ve decided to go to bed earlier, so I can be present to the highs and lows instead of dragging myself through them.

If you are struggling and want a good night’s sleep, so that you can experience consciousness consciously, I can help.