What Happens in an Acupuncture Treatment?

Your first visit is an exciting step towards optimal health and well-being. It starts with a chat in my office about your past, present, and future vision of your state of health. We go over any paperwork that needs completion and any pertinent lab reports and medical history. Then we get down to business.

In order to form a comprehensive diagnosis, the initial evaluation is very thorough; we look at your tongue, take your pulse, palpate areas of concern on the body, and if necessary perform pertinent musculoskeletal tests. Your blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature will also be recorded.

Once the treatment principle is established you will lie comfortably on the table. Super thin needles are then gently inserted into specific points located along the meridians of the body. These meridians connect the energetic flow, otherwise know as universal energy or Qi.

The needles coax the Qi into a more balanced flow in order to restore equilibrium. There can be sensations such as heaviness around the insertion point, along the channel/meridian, or even a deep connection to other areas of the body. Usually one falls into a very deep relaxed state somewhere between sleep and waking, although it is not uncommon to doze off completely. The needles are retained from 20-40 minutes, the timing depends upon your condition.

The effects of acupuncture treatments are cumulative and weekly sessions are suggested for up to two months. Acute conditions can often be resolved quite quickly, while more chronic conditions may require a longer treatment prescription.

I may also incorporate various other healing modalities into your treatment:


Moxabustion is the method of burning Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris), on or above acupuncture points. Mugwort, referred to as “moxa” is an herb, which is dried, processed, and finely ground into a soft cotton-like texture. Interestingly, the Chinese character for “acupuncture” is the combination of the words “acupuncture and moxabustion.”

Moxa therapy strengthens the immune system, expels cold, and warms the meridians, all of which lead to a smoother flow of Qi and Blood. Research has shown moxa can even raise white blood cell count in very deficient patients, and it is also famous for helping to resposition breech babies. I find the combination invaluable and often use them together.


The use of pressure points and East Asian massage to release tensions in the body.


A type of needleless acupuncture for those that are very sensitive to needles or request this form of healing.


This uses a special soft-edged tool, which is held firmly against the skin, then drawn across the area of congestion in order to release toxins from the body.


Glass cups are placed on the skin and suction is applied to the cup, which draws toxins and tension from the body.


I use many forms of breathing techniques to oxygenate, relax, and balance the entire system.

How to Prepare for Your Visit

Acuspira Forms Reports - Acupuncture Flatiron NYC

Forms & Reports

Please fill out all intake forms included in your confirmation email. Bring with you any pertinent lab reports.

Acuspira What To Wear to my Acupuncture Treatment


Wear loose clothing, and pants that can be rolled up above the knee. If that is not possible, I do provide disposable shorts and towels for comfortably draping the body.

Acuspira What To Eat Before My Acupuncture Treatment

A Light Meal

Eat a light meal one to two hours before treatment. Avoid all alcohol, tobacco, or dark liquids such as coffee or tea that may color your tongue. Please do not brush or scrape the coat off your tongue. 

Acuspira Treatment Time - Acupuncture Flatiron NYC

Arrive 10 Minutes Early

Please try to arrive 10 minutes prior to your visit, so you can take a breath and relax.

48–Hour Cancellation Policy /
Rescheduling Policy

Please call, email, or cancel through the website at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. If you miss your appointment or forget to cancel you will be charged in full. Monday appointments must be cancelled no later than Friday.

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