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Creativity: Acupuncture a Personal Investigation.

Creativity- Acupuncture Flatiron

Living and working in New York City brings up a lot of emotions.

It is a very fast place and tensions have a tendency to run high and spill over into anger and aggression. As an acupuncturist I am brought to the truth about how my patients feel and it is usually stressed and tired. Many are frustrated with jobs they dislike in order to maintain the lifestyle of an urban giant. Through our process of distressing, decompressing, and letting go, we often uncover sparkling gems of creative beauty.

This happened last week and it burst my heart open.

I asked a patient who is not in love with his lucrative job, if he had any creative outlets. He went silent, and eventually said, “I am thinking of learning the piano”…more silence, then came “Well I take photos, and my Mom really likes them.” I asked him to text me some. When they popped up in my messages, I was completely blown away. They were outstanding. Stupendous. Creative. (See Above)

The power of acupuncture.

It never ceases to impress me—it heals our physical body, as well as our more subtle energetic body. It digs deep into the layers of fear, worry, and trauma, and has the potential to release them. Our conversation was the culmination of a few months of acupuncture treatments, herbal therapy, dietary modifications, and lifestyle changes. It uncorked some of his creative potential, and who knows where that may lead. Perhaps he will never take another photo, or perhaps he will take thousands, but knowing he is more than his paycheck is priceless.

I am most interested in the truth of who we are—PURE CREATIVE POTENTIAL.

Consciousness graces us with creativity. When we allow it to inhabit our lives, a dull job shines, and daily living becomes meaningful.

Extend a hand to your creative self and let it be your lifeline.

Angels of New York

Angels New York - Angels Flatiron

Walking through the streets I always find them.

Little angels, tidbits of life, art, love.

Tucked into the grid.

This other-worldly collage reminded me of what New York once was—a vibrant city of artists and free thinkers, before the homeless got shipped off to never never land, and 42st lost its grit. And although we have become plasticified, crushed, and segmented into the new New York of the ultra-rich and entitled, I still find these angels. They come to me when I am not looking, pop up on a sidewalk or inside a subway station.

These gems that let me know the cowboys have survived and are still being crowned by the artists that live among us.