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Hi, I’m Suzanne Stolzberg. I live in Greenwich Village smack in the middle of NYU’s campus. I am surrounded by college students who love my dog and think I’m a professor. The conversations are priceless.

I am grateful for my education and the opportunities and experiences it has offered me. If you need the official version of this bio, click the button below:

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Now back to the juicy stuff.

I moved to NYC as a teenager and worked my way through CBGB’s, the Mud Club, the Chelsea Hotel, and the height of the 80’s and 90’s club scene. I learned how to survive and stay alive during what I consider to be the most fun Manhattan has ever seen. For me, it all came to a crashing halt in 2001 when we lost our heart and soul and watched the bottom of Manhattan turn into a graveyard.

I moved to Europe, and settled in Barcelona, Spain where I found a more conscious way to live. I opened my mind, and then opened a yoga and healing center by the sea. The next decade was spent helping myself and my students expand our point of view.

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I was introduced to some very powerful teachers and was drawn to India through their influence.

I continued onto Indonesia, Australia then finally back home to Manhattan. Roots. I needed roots and wanted to take my work to the next level.

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East Asian medicine has woven its way through all my iterations; injured dancer, bruised stuntwoman, stressed-out advertising director, and overstretched yoga instructor. Acupuncture was an essential part of my healing process–I knew I would study it one day.

I began my studies at Tri State College of Acupuncture and after two years of intense study I decided to delve more deeply into Chinese herbal medicine and transferred to Pacific College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. The later is where I learned East Asian medicine from the bottom up, and it is from PCOM that I earned my title as an MS, L.Ac, and obtained my license as a medical professional.

I am forever grateful to the many professors and mentors that taught me how to do this thing we call healing. It is wild and incredible, heart warming and tear-jerking. It is complex and it is nothing–all at once.

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